Compression Springs
(wire sizes up to 6mm (0.236"))

Compression springs offer a force when the spring is compressed axially. In special cases, compression springs can also be used to offer resistance to a lateral motion.

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Our product offering includes spring design with:
  • round, square, or rectangular cross section wire
  • constant outside diameter, conical, hour glass or barrel shape
  • ground ends, closed ends, or open ends

We produce all of these for applications in:

  • automotive and heavy truck transmissions
  • hydraulic valves
  • fuel system injectors
  • pressure regulators, locks
  • compressor valves
  • engine regulators
  • overrunning clutches
  • automotive clutches
  • golf cars
  • power tools
  • seals
  • home appliances
  • and others

Coiling is at the heart of the spring industry. Our highly-trained operators and modern equipment are key to the quality of our product.

Following coiling of compression springs, we offer complete downstream processing capabilities, inclusive of:

  • grinding
  • shot peening
  • heatsetting
  • cold setting
  • automatic load testing
  • color identification

Other finishes, such as electroplating, electro-polishing, and numerous specialty coatings are readily available through nearby subcontractors.